A Sample of Sarina & Asaf’s Wedding Album

Sarina and Asaf got married at Snug Harbor in August 2012. While I designed their album, it was so nice to go through all the pictures again and relive all the special moments and memories from their wedding day.

Many couples remember, sometimes even embellish in their minds, the first time they met- the locked eyes across a room or the quick shy glance interrupted by other friends. However, Sarina and Asaf have absolutely NO memory of the first time they saw each other! Then again, they were only babies

Asaf’s mother was Sarina’s aunt’s best friend and she used to bring him to Sarina’s house so they could play together. Sarina’s mother even told me that she has a picture of Asaf and Sarina being breastfed next to each other- so I am sure they can be forgiven for focusing less on each other than on matters of more immediate concern. Still, it is one of the most delightful “How we met” stories I have ever heard.

There was heightened anticipation at Snug Harbor, where this lovely couple married. Sarina and Asaf didn’t see each other for a whole week before the wedding, which I am sure was especially hard for Asaf given Sarina’s beauty and warmth. In fact, they saw each other at the Bendenkin ceremony for the first time only when Asaf lifted her veil. That certainly set the stage for some incredible raw emotion, which I think is revealed in Sarina’s expressions on seeing her future husband. The Bedenkin is such a beautiful tradition and is one of the reasons I love capturing Jewish weddings. Being intimately familiar with so many of the customs, enables me to anticipate moments and create artistic frames. I feel not only inspired but deeply connected.

Asaf is Israeli, and 25 people flew in from Israel to attend the wedding. While I was taking their engagement photos, Sarina told me that after the wedding, they are planning to move to Israel and live there. It is incredibly exciting to move to a new country shortly after marriage and something I can wholeheartedly relate to. It seems as well to be somewhat of a tradition in the family. Asaf’s mother moved from the US to Israel after she met Asaf’s father, and they lived there for many years. Sarina’s Father also made the big jump to the US from Sweden, not just physically but religiously, after falling hopelessly in love and converting to Judaism.

It makes one reflect on how the person you chose to be with can so dramatically shape and change your life and push you in entirely unexpected directions. It can impact your environment, your friends, your language and, of course and perhaps most importantly, your personal growth. Perhaps the best thing in life is that you never know when that moment will come and when destiny will take hold and that journey will begin- whether it is in a bar sipping cocktails and making chance conversation or holding rattles next to each other in your mother’s arms.

You can read more and see more of their wedding photos here.

Here are a few of the layouts from their wedding album design:


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